Exclusive Interview With Indianapolis’ Own Whambeezy

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Check out our Exclusive Interview With Indianapolis’ Own Whambeezy below!

ViewHipHop.com: Who is Whambeezy? where are you from? age? etc..

Whambeezy: My name is Chris Horn or Whambeezy, I’m 21 years old from Indianapolis, IN. Making my way through college, the game, and life in general.

ViewHipHop.com: Thats definetly a different kind of rap name, Can you explain how you got the name Whambeezy?

Whambeezy: The name Whambeezy came from my DJ name, Whambam. When I started rapping, I didn’t have a name, I just went by Chris. It evolved into C-Rex as time went on. One day I was freestyling, and I called myself Whambeezy, which is how I got my name. Whambam and Whambeezy are like my alter egos, you know?

ViewHipHop.com: Your born in Pittsburgh & lived in Indianapolis, two very different areas when it comes to hip hop, have you been influenced by living in both areas?

Whambeezy: Rap music is all about where you’re from, where you’re at, and where you’re going. I’m quite proud to be from Pittsburgh and to live in the Nap now. Both places have influenced me to be a representative of where I came from and currently reside.

ViewHipHop.com: Being from Indianapolis, which other local rappers have you looked up to and even worked with?

Whambeezy: I am new to the game, so most rappers from the area haven’t really given me much thought, which is fine. I haven’t really looked up to anyone from the Nap, mostly because they are all doing they own thing. However, I would love to work with them.

ViewHipHop.com: You dropped a new mixtape “CC’s and BZ’s” — can you explain what made you put it together?

Whambeezy: CC’s and BZ’s was honestly for my nigga Connor May, or Double C. He was one of the main reasons I started rapping in the first place. I brought up the idea of doing a tape with him, and he was all for it. We decided to do a collab tape and worked really hard. Some of the features include fellow Naptown rappers Doc B and Roe (Blake Meyer and Roman Coffer). I found these guys and they were just as enthusiastic as we were about featuring, especially Doc B who had never been recorded before. CC’s and BZ’s came from the pairing of Double C (CC) and Whambeezy (BZ). Pretty good name for a collab tape if you ask me hahaha.

ViewHipHop.com: Alot of people think of east coast NY, west coast & the dirty south — how can you put INDY on the map and have others start to notice it musically aswell?

Whambeezy: Naptown is always overlooked. IT’s not really a place that you hear much about musically. I can’t speak for anyone else on how they are bringing nap up, but me personally, I am steady reppin the 317. I am very much a perfectionist when it comes to my music, and that goes for all parts of it (beat, lyrics, FX, title). I am this way because people need to see that Indianapolis can go hard too. We are who we are, whether that’s in the spotlight or not, but my music is made for my enjoyment, my fans enjoyment, and for the city of Indianapolis, and people will start to notice this.


ViewHipHop.com: Have you worked with any major artists? or any of the top artists from the IND area?

Whambeezy: Hahaha well I have not yet had the chance to work with any major artists, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried or am not open to it. I would love to work with anyone who is passionate, good, and willing to take the time to make good music. As far as INDY artists go, I’d say the ones that I have worked with are fantastic guys and I love working with them.

ViewHipHop.com: If you could pick one artist to collab on a track, who would be your dream collaboration with?

Whambeezy: I actually have 3 artists that I would die to collab with. Wiz Khalifa would probably be at the top, followed closely by Big Sean and B.o.B. They are the other reason why I came into the game, to show them what I could do.

ViewHipHop.com: If you could work with one producer in the game, who would it be and why would you choose them?

Whambeezy: You know, I’ve thought about producers a lot. Mike Will Made It has been one of my favorites for quite some time so I would have to say Mike definitely. He knows his stuff and has produced great material for artist who have become leaders in the industry. Wiz’ producer, Big Jerm, would also be another. Jerm has a unique ear and can definitely produce great tracks. He brought Wiz to another level as well, which is cool!

ViewHipHop.com: where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? can you see yourself on a XXL freshman list?

Whambeezy: I tend not to think about the next 5 years. I am a very big “go with the flow” kind of guy. XXL is definitely a dream of mine. To be recognized as one of the freshmen in the game would be amazing. I also have wanted to be a Taylor for quite sometime if Wiz would have me! But in 5 years I will be doing what I love, and that’s music.

ViewHipHop.com: Where can people reach you for bookings?

Whambeezy: I can be reached for booking at [email protected] or on facebook (Whambeezy). You can also contact me by phone, either texts or calls, at 317-502-5557, but emails and facebook work best.

ViewHipHop.com: Where can the fans listen to your material? & when can we expect another mixtape, video or single to be released?

Whambeezy: Fans can listen and download my mixtapes “The View” and “CC’s and BZ’s” on soundcloud under Whambeezy. Hotnewhiphop.com and datpiff.com will also work. Be looking out for a couple new singles being dropped in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Keep it good!