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TH3RDZ are Xperience, Candidt & JFK!

As the name implies, the three members of emerging Northwest hip hop group TH3RDZ (Candidt, JFK, Xperience) are equal factors in their own musical operation. With no clear frontman, only the product of their creative energy remains as a focal point. What’s amazing is that each MC has both the energy and personality to the carry the weight of the band alone (unsurprisingly, each also has their own promising solo career), yet they sound natural as a trio, and deliver some of their best work together as such.

The source of their success isn’t so much left field innovation as it is the quality work put forth by veteran artists. Each has honed their talents in various corners of the rap scene over the years: JFK (aka Ninjaface) has toured the U.S. and Europe as one half of Rhymesayers’ cloak-and-dagger rap outfit Grayskul; Candidt helmed a long-running, influential monthly hip hop showcase in The Corner; and Xperience has lent his gospel-influenced vocals to local projects as often as his rhymes. Their collaborative work then, isn’t aimed to shock or brag their way to notoriety, but rather to elevate an already familiar game, which they have the skill, and maturity to do.
TH3RDZ is the clash of these distinct lyrical styles with the upper-shelf production they’ve earned over time. Without fail, the rubber-tongued, G-funk MC Candidt meshes with Xperience’s pulpit delivery and JFK’s rapid-fire lines on each track, and becomes yet another exhibit toward the case that TH3RDZ simply does it better than most.

http://youtu.be/Tz-wV6GiB0o TH3RDZ Interview
http://youtu.be/i0bqHCazFYQ TH3RDZ SXSW/ Unique Squared/Quality Control Marketing mixtape video.
http://youtu.be/wgw2m2rxnRI TH3RDZ get love from Carson Daily, DJ Big Wiz, Unique Squared Crew, Killah Priest and more!
http://th3rdz.bandcamp.com/ TH3RDZ free music link
http://soundcloud.com/th3rdz Another TH3RDZ free music link.
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/candidt Candidt album link also on itunes.
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/Xperience1 Xperience album link also on itunes.

JFK album available on itunes.

Booking info: [email protected]
Twitter: @th3rdz
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100002212220985