Artist Spotlight: Broadway Blake (@BroadwayBlake)

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Broadway Blake is a young artist from NJ working hard on music, luckily he had some free time to speak to us for a quick interview so we could let his fans & our followers on the site know a little more about him…..READ BELOW!

who is Broadway Blake?

“Broadway Blake is that kid from hood who was never cool with the idea of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable”

where are you from? age? etc..

“I’m from Grafton Ave Projects…North Newark…Old enough to know when I made a mistake and young enough to get a pass for it lol”

which main stream artist would you say your flow is like?

“I’ve been compared to artist like Nas,Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole…Artist from that cloth…an I can see the content…but as far as flow I don’t see any comparisons…I call this the Dope Flow…lol”

what made you want to get into making music?

“Growing up I was always quiet and shy an I still am to this day…so once I realized I can say so much through music an express so many different emotions, it was my perfect outlet”

which artists in the industry would you like to collab with?

“Give me Missy Elliot and Lauryn Hill an I’m good. Lol I wouldnt have to do another collaboration again…It’s other artist that I love and really appreciate but a feature from those 2 are on the bucket list.”

what has been your biggest moment so far?

“My biggest moment has easily been releasing Broadway Empire. Just the process and time put into it especially after being so reluctant from moving past that mixtape stage in my career was exciting. I appreciate that some people wanna hear my story.”

are you looking to sign with a major label or are you looking at the independent lane since many young artists have found success going independent?

“It depends. I feel like being independent is great as far as freedom to do it your way but if Roc Nation approaches me or Atlantic or Interscope approach me ..I have to at least explore the conversation.”

i saw on your website, you remix many major artists singles…which so far has been your favorite?

“Wow thats tough lol..I love doing remixes…I Am The Remix lol. I Would have to say its a tie between Keri Hilson – “Breaking Point” and Miguel – “Adorn” record.”

when is your next mixtape or album dropping? any features?

“Right now the focus is Broadway Empire…Im gonna maximize the potential of this project then go from there…Im always writing an I do have plans for a follow up project but I wanna squeeze all the juice from Broadway Empire and hopefully tour next summer”

i heard you have been on radio before, tell me more about how you got on radio as an unsigned independent artist?

“A while back we had some plugs at the Wendy Williams show on we got a few spins there…but mostly internet radio has showing love just from reaching out to some outlets and having supporters and fans spread the word to stations they listen to.”

name your top 5 lyricists (dead or alive)!

“Top 5 lyricists…this is no particular order but this is the 5 I would include in the list.. Eminem of course…Jay-Z,BIG, Nas and 2pac…I just find it hard to not mention them in the top 5”

where can people reach you for bookings?

“For bookings you can reach out to my management at [email protected] ..I really wanna establish myself as the hardest working artist so we’re definitely exploring all conversations.”

where can the fans listen to your material? …all Blake everything lol… I just wanna be ya favorite rapper lol”